Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr.: Finally caught and arrested.

Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr.: Caught and arrested.

The man charged with “abduction with intent to defile” missing University of Virginia co-ed Hannah Graham is now under arrest after police found him on a beach near Galveston, Texas, Wednesday afternoon.

Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr., a 32-year-old hospital attendant and former volunteer assistant football coach at a Charlottesville school, was alone in a tent next to his car in the Bolivar Pennisula, which is a ferry ride from Galveston and more than 1,300 miles from Charlottesville,

Matthew went on the run after speeding away from the police station in Charlottesville last Friday last after demanding an attorney.

Graham disappeared after partying with friends in downtown Charlottesville 13 days ago, is still missing and every day she is not found increases fears for her parents, friends and police.

She is the fifth young woman to disappear from Charlottesville in the last five years and nervous students at the University of Virginia now take extra precautions, including avoiding walking alone in the city.

“Abduction with intent to defile” is a charge under Virginia law that charges a suspect of holding someone without their consent with an intent to commit sexual crimes.  Additional charges are expected and the search continues for Graham.

Charlottesville police investigators are headed for Galveston Thursday.