AEP repair crew at Midway on US 221 south of Floyd

At least 3,300 Floyd Countians spent Christmas day without power because Appalachian Electric Power’s (AEP) ineffective management proved once again it can’t handle weather emergencies in our region.

The ice storm that struck Southwestern Virginia in the early morning hours took out power to 5,430 homes in the Roanoke and Christiansburg Districts for the holiday and many other homes lost power off and on for most of the day.

This came on top of the 27,700 customers still without power from the snow storm a week ago.

At a time when AEP piles rate increase on top of rate increase with claims of superior service, their performance every time the weather turns bad raises questions not only about their reliability and performance but also about their honesty.

UPDATE: At 7 p.m. today, about 2,100 homes in Floyd County remained without power. AEP reports it does not expect to restore all power until sometime Monday. More than 20,000 customers in Southwestern Virginia are still powerless from the storm a week ago and the power company admits it may be sometime next week before power is restored to many of them.