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Hello Gov. McAuliffe?  We’ve got something for you

Want support from Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe?  Start by writing check.

That’s how energy companies are getting the Democratic governor’s support for pipelines they want snaking through the Old Dominion.

McAuliffe announced his “endorsement” of Dominion’s latest pipeline endeavor after enough money flowed in over the transom and he is now also on board for the Mountain Valley operation, a questionable venture that wants to take oil from a fracking operation in West Virginia to a distribution station in Chatham.

Floyd Countians concerned about the pipeline are breathing a bit easier this week after Mountain Valley partner EQT announced the current “proposed” route of the 42-inch pipeline will now go through Roanoke County and not around here.

Of course, no decision is final on such a project until the government agencies sign off on the process and the routing has changed more than a few times since news of the project first emerged.

Those who live in Roanoke County are waking up and muttering “say what?”

The Mountain Valley folks are not shy about using the buzz words “eminent domain” as the way they hope to quick approval of their project and they are also quick to write out checks to Gov. McAuliffe to get his approval,

The last one was for 15 grand.  More, certainly, will follow because Virginia’s governor has made it clear that he is for sale.

Fifteen grand, however, is chump change.  The previous governor, Bob McDonnell, soaked dietary exec Jonnie Williams for at least 10 times more than that.

McDonnell, however, is now a convicted felon and faces prison along with the wife he says he no longer shares a bed with, so maybe McAuliffe thinks he can stay out of the slammer is he keeps the costs for his bribes down enough to say under Virginia’s vague campaign finance laws.