The Buffaloes fight rain and Radford's Bobcats

The Buffaloes fight rain and Radford’s Bobcats

Floyd County’s football Buffaloes returned to the gridiron after a bye week with pretty much the same result as before:  On the losing side of a lopsided match, dropping a home match against Radford in an on-again, off-again night of rain.

After the Bobcats sprung out to 7-0 lead in the first quarter, the Buffaloes answered with a touchdown and a muffed extra point attempt.  A second score by Radford was followed by a long run that appeared to set up a second Buffaloes touchdown but the drive stalled and a third score by the Bobcats sent both teams into half time with a 21-6 reading on the scoreboard.

Radford scored 13 more points in the third and cruised to a 34-6 win, leaving the Buffaloes 1-5 overall and 0-1 for the district.

The Bobcats held the Buffaloes to just 176 yards of total offense.