Next month will be the second anniversary of the great cow encounter on U.S. 221 at the bottom of Bent Mountain on Nov. 9, 2012 — an accident that kept me off a motorcycle and in rehab for extensive physical therapy for 21 months.

Before the crash, I often rode 200-300 miles a day, and enjoyed virtually every mile.  After my return, and on a new Harley Davidson “Switchback,” my trips have been less frequent and shorter.  Getting back into the groove has taken longer than anticipated.

On Monday, however, I put more than 200 miles of the Switchback, riding from 9 a.m. and into the evening with stops for doctor’s appointments and other necessities of the day.

It felt good.  It didn’t wipe me out physically or emotionally as much as expected and I woke up Tuesday morning feeling refreshed.  Even the reduced schedule imposed by recovery from a bout with pneumonia did not get in the way.

Assignments covering court and the Board of Supervisors will keep me off the bike on Tuesday and rain is in the forecast for Wednesday but I hope to put on a few more miles and time in the saddle later in the week.

Recovery continues and getting back up to speed remains and ongoing process but this was, I feel, a good start.

Monday was good.  Monday was needed.  May more such days follow.