Compared to what we’ve received in the last two “winter events” (as the National Weather Service calls them), the “wintry mix” that fell overnight was a little snow and a smidgen of ice and not much else. Some areas got more ice than snow and some just got rain. Roanoke and the New River Valley reported two or more inches of snow.

Some Floyd County roads iced over but the temperatures didn’t fall too far below freezing and the highs today are expected to hit 42 degrees.

At our house, a branch where the snow melted earlier had a little on it this morning but with warmer temperatures the little that stuck to the trees and leaves will be gone while the mass from Dec. 18 remains on many yards, driveways and some roads.

Enjoy the warmer temps today because a winter blast moves in Friday night, sending the lows to 19 and then into the low teens by Sunday night. Winds are also expected to kick up, sending wind chills into the single digits.