In this fight, there is no best man (or woman) to win -- only the rest of us who lose.

In this fight, there is no best man (or woman) to win — only the rest of us who lose.

America’s Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare to those who believe the often-misused and outright falsehoods spread by opponents, is in its renewal season and is also available for first timers.

No big deal at our house.  Amy started use of the ACA when on January 1 of this year and will keep it as it stands.  If anyone has noticed, she is walking better than she has for years because she now has affordable health insurance that was previously denied because of a previous condition.

Her costs go up a little more than $20 a month for next year after the same insurance company that previously denied her before ACA because of the previous condition paid out thousands of dollars this past year on her behalf for needed treatment on her back.

Of course, those who emit diarrhea of the mouth about the ACA claim people can’t get insurance or pay outlandish deductibles and out of pocket expenses or some other often undocumented excuse to slam the ACA.

These claims flood the ‘Net, yet it is impossible to find any documentation on them.  Many of the “individual” claims are, in fact, cut and paste jobs from partisan political web sites and chat rooms.

Here’s a few facts.

Amy pays $750 deductible and a few dollars more out of pocket.  She satisfied both in the first quarter of 2014 and had all medical and pharmaceutical expenses paid:  No co-pays. No questions, no delays, no outlandish paperwork.

Is she renewing?  Damn right.  Anyone who gets in her or my face about the ACA better have a good dental plan.  Just kidding, but I find it odd that those who make claims about outlandish costs, loss or good existing health insurance or other problems too often are simply quoting propaganda from the rabid right and have no documentation to back up the claims.

No, I’m not on the ACA.  Wish I were.  Amy’s insurance, which is better, costs less than my Medicare and its supplemental policy and she has drug coverage.  I don’t.

At this point, someone will rise up and claim that I’m a Democrat, or a liberal or a left-wing looney.  I’ll accept the looney part but someone from the left called me a right-wing dog on one of my other web sites last week.  Happens all the time from both the right and the left.

Partisans lack the capacity to deal with those who think for themselves.  They are too dependent on political party leaders who tell them what to think, what to believe and what to say.

For those of you rolling around in the right-wing dung pile, let me ask:  How many left-wingers and liberals are lifetime members of the National Rifle Association, carry a large and well-loaded Glock 17 as a  concealed weapon, support capital punishment & would like to see it increased for use in other crimes, and oppose legalization of marijuana?

Damn few.  I happen to be one. who believes and supports all of the above.  Does that mean I’m a right-winger?

Not likely.

For you in left-wing  mosh pit, how many of you know right wingers who believe in freedom of choice for women when it comes to what they do with their bodies, who they want to love or marry — even if it is someone of the same gender?

That’s also what I believe and support but, no, I’m not a leftie either.

Yep, I’m a gun-carrying supporter of pro-choice and gay rights — including marriage. I think serious felons should fear, and expect, the death penalty on certain crimes and not just ones guilty of murder.  Those who rape children and abuse women are good candidates for the death penalty.

I believe in individuality, individual freedom and the right of anyone to be themselves and express themselves as they see fit.  Political parties, with their partisanship crap demand lockstep adherence to party dogma even if that dogma hurts the town, city, county, state or country.  They put party above country and rights.

Political partisans are, in my opinion, no less than domestic terrorists and should be treated as such.

Don’t like it?  Tough.  It’s my opinion and I’m free to express it until one of the political parties finds a way to declare it unconstitutional.

Of course, I could be pulling your leg on the domestic terrorism thing.  Who knows?  As serious as most partisans take themselves, they couldn’t figure out if I was or not.

Guess they will have to wait for one of their self-appointed leaders of the right or the left to tell them what to think.