On a cold Black Friday morning in Floyd County, 1,049 customers of Appalachian Electric Power remain in the dark, accounting for 11.3 percent of the 9,255 households and businesses who depend on the utility for electricity.

At one point on Wednesday, 62 percent of Floyd County customers — more than 5,500.

At 9:06 a.m. Friday, the 1,049 still waiting for electricity account for nearly two-thirds of the 1,440 still without power among AEP’s 528,608 customers.

While work crews worked long hours around the clock, but company leaders grossly underestimated the damage potential of a relative minor snow storm that dumped 3-4 inches in most areas and less than 10 in heavier areas.

The company admits it was “ill prepared” and said their advance preparation “miscalculated” areas for concentrations of work crews for the snowfall.

Little solace for the many who spent Thanksgiving without power, running water and — in some cases — heat.  The whine of generators covered parts of the county and those wanting dinner for the holiday sought meals at Ray’s Restaurant or the few other establishments open on Thanksgiving.

AEP claims it should be able to have not only the 1,068 customers in Floyd back with power by midnight Friday along with 226 in Carroll, 165 in Grayson and 146 in Amherst counties.

A dismal start for the 2014 holiday season?