I am a member of the Vimeo Pro community of video and film makers and it is a place to share and experience those who create far more than I can ever hope to achieve.

“Open Your Eyes” is a beautiful short film about new found hope through the life of an elderly man.

The description of the film on Vimeo:

Open Your Eyes — a tale of new-found hope. Through Contreras’ lens, we’re launched into the deep and dark thoughts of an elderly man who struggles to adapt to his recent blindness. His wife has passed and his daughter has moved into the city to chase after her dream career, leading him to live an isolated life in his secluded Louisiana farm house. When, for his 70th birthday, his daughter plans a surprise journey to all the places that marked his childhood, he attempts to regain the hope and joy for life he once knew. Narrated through a thank-you poem written by the father to his daughter, we’re left to see the world through his eyes, even as he can’t see for himself.

The film by Diego Contraras comes to us through a partnership between Vimeo and Lincoln Motor Company. It shows life without the powerful, bitter struggles that occupy too much of our days and thoughts.

I loved it. I urge you to watch it and share the simple, but powerful message.  I hope to feature other such works here on Blue Ridge Muse.