A “director’s cut” of a commercial about living in the Blue Ridge Mountains: Shot and edited by friend and cinematographer Dave Perry in Roanoke.

Dave is also a fellow Harley rider and started his own production company a couple of years ago.  It is growing and he garners both good clients and impressive awards.

When he was working for another company a few years back, he drafted me into a commercial featuring motorcycles for Brambleton Deli.

Writes Dave on Vimeo:

The films done for Virginia’s Blue Ridge are the culmination of the efforts of many creative and talented professionals from a number of organizations and businesses. It’s rare that corporate films vetted by committee retain the original essence and vision drafted by the writers, directors, cinematographers, and designers, but these did. There’s always some give a and take and compromise when collaborating on projects like this one, which included a tourism bureau, two advertising agencies, a film production crew with members sourced locally and from North Carolina, one of the nation’s largest grocery retailers, a one of a kind custom bike builder, Roanoke’s smallest but most well known eatery, and a local treasure trove which spurred a nationally broadcast reality show.

Dave is a talented cinematographer, far more creative and talented than me, and his work is winning awards and provides growth for his his production company in Roanoke.