Electric bill higher than normal? Yes, there’s yet another rate increase from American Electric Power in the bill but the main reason for the suddenly high bill may stem from the utility estimating the bill because AEP employees couldn’t get to your house to read the meter.

In typical fashion, AEP chose not to share this information with customers and admits the bill is estimated only when confronted. They also admit, reluctantly, that the estimate is on the high side.

If you think the bill is too high, call them and complain. Under the law, they cannot require you to pay the higher bill based on an estimate and AEP cannot charge you a late fee if you refuse to pay the additional amount. Tell them in a firm voice that you will pay what the same amount as the previous month’s bill and they can make the necessary adjustments when they get around to reading the meter.

AEP routinely bullies customers. Don’t take it. You have rights. Use them.