Decisions must be made when one “jams” here in the Appalachians.  Do you jam to old-time traditional music or Bluegrass?

Yes, there are differences and they are debates, arguments and even fights on which music is the choice at various places where musicians gather and play.

While the Friday Night Jamboree is considered, by many, as one of the premier gatherings of Bluegrass fans and musicians, the focus is actually on what is called traditional “old-time” music that is considered more pleasant for dancing and those who flock to the Jamboree each week pack the dance floor.

Sunday jam sessions at the Country Store and also at Wildwood Farms General Store south of Floyd focus on both.  In recent months, the Sunday jams at the Country Store has been two a month for traditional and two for Bluegrass.

For February, new owners Dylan Locke and Heather Krantz added a second jam session on Sundays — one for traditional and the other for Bluegrass.

That’s what we take a look at today.