Floyd County voters face more choices and/or new faces than normal in several local elections this year:  Sheriff, Commonwealth’s Attorney, Little River Supervisor and Circuit Clerk.

Retirements leave openings on three and an appointment to a judgeship created the opening in the fourth.

New faces and varying approaches provide opportunities for voters to make decision.

A number of readers have asked who Blue Ridge Muse will “endorse” on the races.

The answer is always the same:  No one.

We don’t endorse candidates. I don’t believe it is the purpose of this site to claim it has either the knowledge or ability to make the choice for others.

As a resident and voter, I do — of course — have candidates who will receive my votes or the ones form my wife.  That’s a privilege of citizenship.

As a newspaperman, I also feel I must avoid favoritism.  I cannot sign petitions for a candidate because that could be used as an claim that a story is biased one way or the other.  No campaign signs appear in our yards.  In some campaigns, we might need conflicted signs if we did because Amy and I don’t always agree on the candidates who will receive our votes.

Sometimes, we cancel each other out with our votes.  We are not members of any political party.  We vote for the person, not the party: Always have, always will.

As the election approaches — both the party caucuses or primaries and the general, Blue Ridge Muse will try to point out — as objectively as possible — the positions of the candidates and/or the differences.  We will wait until the entire slate of candidates if announced before starting.

We will highlight any problems, misstatements or errors.  That’s our job.

It is not our job to try and persuade anyone to vote for or against any candidate.  We will try to present the facts to try and help you — the voters — decide.

And may the best candidates win.