According to the National Weather Service in Blacksburg and our own weather monitoring equipment off Sandy Flats Road in Floyd County, the last time the overnight temperature went below zero was a decade ago.

We got close back a couple of years ago when the “official” low for the area hit one degree but while winds sent the “chill” down below zero, the readings on the thermometer stayed above that big zero.

Forecasts, however, say that ends Thursday when the highs might somewhere around seven degrees and the low early Friday morning will plummet to 9-11 degrees or so below zero.

Eleven degrees below?  Yep. That’s the kind of weather where vehicles don’t start and water pipes freeze.

Tuesday, the high in Floyd County will stay below freezing and that will be our “warm” day for the week.

Frigid, numbing cold will keep the snow that fell over the weekend and again on Monday and Tuesday morning with us for the time being and any thawing on Tuesday will freeze hard overnight.

Floyd County Schools are cancelled for the second straight day and Circuit Court at the Courthouse didn’t open Tuesday morning. Some businesses are closed.  Union bank closed all of its branches on Tuesday.  Phone calls to The Bank of Floyd get a recording that says “Please hold for the next available representative” over and over but no one answers.  The online banking was down at 8:50 a.m.

The forecasts of 12 inches are more fell short of the mark in most areas of the county.  The National Weather Service set the snow level at 7.5 inches for the county.  Our depth gauge said 8.1 inches.

Roads remain slick and accidents are reported throughout the area.  Appalachian Power reports some electrical outages in West Virginia but not in our area.

After a varied, and mostly benign, winter in the county so far this year, Mother Nature issued her fury with bitter cold that will grip and freeze the area through this coming weekend.