Welcome back our friends to the snow that never ends...

Welcome back our friends to the snow that never ends…

Mother Nature is not finished with us yet.  Forecasts say there is a chance of “significant” snowfall of 4-8 inches in the area Wednesday night and Thursday if things fall into place.

That would mean a third snowfall of accumulation in less than two weeks.

Is Mother Nature a bitch?  Damn straight.

Roanoke Times prognosticator Kevin Myatt says he does not see snowfalls in at double-digit depth levels but notes that the possibility of what could fall would be enough to keep kids home from school and traffic sliding all over the place.

But even Myatt is hedging his bets:

If you made me nail some numbers now, I’d say about a 3-5-inch type snow for Roanoke/New River valley. These numbers are probably quite a bit higher than you’ll see in most forecasts now, because this is what I expect the situation to trend toward, not what most forecast models are showing literally at the moment (as of Monday PM). It is still quite possible the whole thing misses us to the south. Hopefully we’ll have a better picture by Tuesday evening.

Weather postponements still causing havoc in postseason basketball tournaments.  Floyd County High School’s Buffaloes were scheduled to play Martinsville Monday night at James River High School for a Conference 38 first round game postponed multiple times from Monday a week ago and it was postponed again to Tuesday night, the same night the Lady Buffs are scheduled to face Giles in the conference semi-final.

The conference final, tentatively scheduled for Wednesday night, may be moved.  Regional play is scheduled to begin in Floyd on Saturday night if the Lady Buffs take the conference title.

And the state basketball finals are scheduled for next week in Richmond — weather and schedule permitting.