We could offer a lot of rationales for putting this short clip together.

We could talk about this being the first day of March and, with hope, the approach of Spring.

We could use the shots of young ladies clad in not so much as a way to promote warm weather and the hope for sun and fun.

We could.

But why? When my wife looked at this clip during editing, she simply called it “the work of a male chauvinist pig.”

And it is. It is a work of prurient interest, a homage to fun and skin. All of the footage comes from our area. The young ladies in bikinis and short-shorts were part of a bikini motorcycle wash and “Daily Duke” contest at Black Bear Harley Davidson in Wytheville.

The cute young things on the dance floor were on the floor of Floyd’s Friday Night Jamboree. Others were simply walking the streets of Floyd.

All public events, all hanging — so to speak — out there for all too see, watch and enjoy. All of age.

So enjoy and, yes, let’s think of Spring and bikinis and short shorts and the attire — or lack there of — of those who enjoy the warm weather to come.

And may it come as soon as possible.