The approaching ice storm closed Floyd County schools this morning and Virginia State Police report increasingly slick roads throughout the county this morning.

With freezing rain moving into the area, the brief respite from winter appears to be over and the area is bracing.

UPDATE: Businesses began closing early today to allow employees a chance to get home before the weather gets worse. The Blue Ridge Restaurant closed at 3 p.m. and The Floyd County Store was planning to do the same. Carter National Bank told its customers that it would close early.

UPDATE: Skip Pendrey, who lives on Barberry Lane, writes that a car lost control on the ice and then took out his mailbox. Then a van and two pickup trucks joined the party. That brought a Floyd County Deputy Sheriff and a Virginia State Trooper.

Didn’t Paul Simon a song about this? It was called “Slip-Sidin’ Away:”

Slip Slidin’ Away
Slip Slidinn’Away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you’re slip slidin’ away