On Thursday, those of us who rode motorcycles enjoyed a Spring day with sunshine and temperatures flirting with 70 degrees.

Friday, the high was around 32 and it was snowing.

Is Mother Nature a bitch?

Damn right.

The low this morning was 22 degrees on our back porch and the high (if one can call it that) will be about 37.  Forecasters say records will be broken for lows on this Saturday when the thermometer heads down to around 20.

Then the sun comes out and the high on Sunday is expected to hit 50 degrees and slightly above.

Then 58 on Monday and into the 60s for highs for the rest of the week.

Yes, the calendar says Spring is here but old Man Winter and his cantankerous lady friend, Mother Nature, wants to keep the memories alive of a winter that most of us would like to forget.

Weather extremes have become the norm in recent years.  Two straight years of snow, record lows this winter, biting and frigid winds are part of the process.  Yet those who ignore reality and claim weather change is not here continues to claim all is normal.

Consider this:  The climate professionals at the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) tell us the weather is changing and most of the change is not good.  Icecaps are melting at both poles and a dangerous increase in melting in Antarctica, if it continues, will raise ocean levels to dangerous depths that will change the boundaries around the world.

The Florida Keys will disappear along with other coastal regions in this country, including Miami and parts of Manhattan. Homes and business buildings will disappear into the ocean depths.  Those who claim global warming is a fraud and all of this is “God’s will” are like those who predict a constantly changing date of Armageddon.

From 1984 to 87, I served as special assistant to the ranking member of the House Committee on Science and Technology in Congress, which oversees NASA.  I visited Antarctica and saw the early increase in the melting icecaps and shrinking.  NASA sounding warnings but members of Congress put politics above science and ignored the data.

Two days ago, the Los Angeles Times reported:

The frozen fringes of western Antarctica have been melting 70% faster in the last decade, raising concern that an important buttress keeping land-based ice sheets from flowing to the sea could collapse or vanish in coming decades, a new study shows.

An acceleration in the flow of massive ice sheets would add substantially to the ongoing rise of sea levels, according to Fernando Paolo, a geophysics PhD candidate at UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography and lead author of the study published online Thursday in the journal Science.
Warmer sea water is eating away at western Antarctica’s ice shelves, which keep land-based glaciers from flowing to the ocean and contributing to sea level rise.

“They hold back the ice discharge from the ice sheet into the ocean,” Paolo said. “In the long term, that is the main concern from losing volume from an ice shelf.”

The study adds to growing concern that climate change has altered the equilibrium of growth and melt on a part of the continent holding an estimated 530,000 cubic miles of ice. That’s enough ice to raise the sea level by 11 feet, by some estimates.

“If the rate of change that we have observed remains the same, then we should expect a larger contribution of the ice sheet to sea level rise,” Paolo said.

Shelves in the Bellingshausen and Amundsen seas had the most rapid thinning, losing an average of 24 to 63 feet per decade, according to the study, which analyzed satellite-based radar data from 1994-2012.

The dangers of global warming are real and the earth is in peril because of sustained abuse by the foolish residents of the planet and governments who ignore reality.

The threats will increase unless the human race acts and acts with decision and speed.