Showing too much at too young an age (photo actually of an adult female model)

Showing too much at too young an age (photo actually of an adult female model)

The son of a friend this past week discovered a nude photo of his 16-year-old daughter on a web site that shares risque images to a wide audience.

The photo showed his daughter standing with her t-shirt pulled up to show her naked breasts and her jeans open and unzipped to expose her pubic area.

When he and his wife confronted their daughter about the photo she said it was taken by her boyfriend and was supposed to be something that only they shared.

The boyfriend, however, shared the photo with some of his buddies and they shared it with others and one of them posted it on the web site.

“She felt it was her invasion of her privacy that it was posted on the web,” her father said.  “It never occurred to her that she had should have never posed of it in the first place.”

We contacted the web site and the photo is gone.  They don’t want to be charged with distributing child pornography.  The now ex-boyfriend has to deal with his parents.  Like the daughter, he is also underage.

And, yes, they have been having sex. It started when she was 15. The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta says surveys in 2013 showed 47 percent of high school students were having sex and 34 percent admitted sexual activity in the previous three months.

A greater concern for the CDC is that 41 percent of the high school students having sex were doing so without condoms to prevent the spread of disease. Some 10,000 were found to have contracted HIV infections in 2013.

My friend’s son and his wife are not the first parents to find their young daughters having sex or posing for nusw photos.  Check the wireless phones of students and, more often than not, you will find such photos not only of girl or boy friends but also of others.

Most of the time, parents who discover such things try to settle the matter quietly.  Bringing in the police can result of criminal charges.

In Indian Valley, a recent graduate of FCHS admitted guilt of possession of child pornography.  Another Indian valley resident, age 42, faces multiple life sentences for raping a 14 year old elementary student.

Floyd County currently has 27 residents registered in the Sex Offender Database.  Some were teenagers who had “carnal knowledge” of someone 15 or younger when they were convicted of a sexual offense.

At North Penn High School in Lansdale, PA, nude photos of “dozens of female high school students” were discovered on DropBox, a file-sharing web site.

“Regardless of what someone’s morals are on this sort of offense, they did not consent to taking these photos and putting them on DropBox,” Gabrielle Hernandez, a senior at Lansdale, told Philly.Com. “Their consent went as far as sending it to a boyfriend.”

Many of these are “selfies,” one of the latest fads with smartphones.  If you search “nude selfies” you find more than 5.8 million results on Google.

Twitter has a section called “Best Nude Selfies.”

Writes the New York Daily News:

It’s time to face the naked truth.

Everybody’s doing it — taking nude selfies, that is.

The latest celebrity phone hacking scandal hit this week, revealing alleged compromising photos of actresses like Vanessa Hudgens, Hayden Panettiere and Gabrielle Union, just three weeks after stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton had their private snaps snatched and leaked across the Web.

There’s been some blame directed at the victims. When hacked actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead tweeted, “To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, hope you feel great about yourselves,” comments included, “Stop posing nude on camera, dummy.”

Posing naked with you husband in the privacy of you own home is one thing.  As a photographer, I have photographed young women nude but they were past the age of consent.  None of my photos have been posted on any web-based service.

Posing with a boyfriend when one is under the age of consent is illegal and an invitation to trouble.  Too many young women show too much skin and that leads to too much trouble and too many problems.