That “something” you might see up in the air over Floyd County is not a UFO.

It’s a photo and video drone that we have added to our arsenal for new angles of shooting.

The DJI Phantom is a “quadcoper” a four rotor unmanned done that carries a GoPro video camera into the air for video and still shooting.

If we can get approval from the proper authorities, you may see it over Locust Street when music is out on warm Friday nights.  With permissions we hope to use it at the Chantilly Farm Bluegrass Festival in May and at other events.

Hopefully, it will also give us mountain vistas and great shots of sunsets and sunrises.

We won’t be flying over anyone’s home or property without permission in advance and it a short distance model that will only fly line of site from the operator so, hopefully, no one mistakes it for a DEA snoop.

You won’t see it on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The National Park Service has banned drones on national parks.  The Federal Aviation Administration is also considering new regulations for “commercial drone use” so the hand of government will be involved before too much longer.

I’m adding blade guards and other safety features to the unit to help make it less of a hazard and I’m still learning the ins and outs of drone flight control.  It has an autopilot, GPS control, stabilizer, gyroscope control and a feature that takes control of the unit and returns it to where it started if there is a problem.

It will help make this an interesting summer.