I knew before daylight dawned that I would not like what I would find in our driveway.  After battling the torrential rainfalls that kept washing out what some call the “most infamous driveway in Floyd County,”

I had managed to restore the primary path to our house to a hardened rain-resistant state but the slow-melting from from the Dec. 18 storm softened the mixture of gravel and clay and a hard rain was the last thing we needed.

Daylight brought the truth.

Washouts down more than 200 feet of the 450-foot long driveway.

Gravel washed into the field.

An off-road trail masquerading as a driveway.

Unfortunately, the upcoming week promises more moisture and the possibility of up to a foot of snow on Friday.  The mud, gravel and clay needs to dry some before I can attempt regrading.

Driveway vs. nature: Nature wins again.