The verbal diarrhea that too often masquerades as discussion on social media is flowing like a tsunami lately about the upcoming November election of sheriff in Floyd County.

Facebook, with its billowing eruptions of new “groups” after somebody gets kicked off another group or gets mad at what happened on one of them, is littered with textual graffiti filled with innuendo, gossip, rumors or outright lies about the two, or possibly, three candidates for the job.

The fluctuation of number of actual candidates rises and falls depending on who’s reported on what former Floyd County deputy Laura Amanda Reinhard Sparks says about her independent candidacy.  Some report she is saying she is withdrawing from the race and will support retired State Trooper and former part-time deputy/bailiff Jimmy Howery.

If she has made such a decision it is not yet announced publicly.  Her Facebook page still lists her as running against Republican nominee Brian Craig, who won a tight primary last month against yet another former Floyd deputy, Christianburg police officer Doug Weddle.

Craig has the distinction of not being a “former” deputy of Floyd County.  His long law enforcement career of 18 years is a the county he now wants to direct.  Both Howery and Sparks also share another common thread:  Both were fired from their jobs as deputies at the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department.

The onslaught of “information,” which can more often be called “misinformation,” posted on Facebook is a common problem with too many “forums” on the Internet.  So many conversations are all too often controlled by “keyboard commandos” who fling insults, false information and obscenities.

Some “groups” read more like tirades drunken fraternity parties.  Some who can’t think of the right cuss-word to type simply post images that contain their obscenity of choice.

From time to time we see some lament that “it is a shame that this is what Floyd has become.”

Then they follow that lament with a hyperbolic barrage of insults and obscenities that proves their point.

There might be some real issues in an upcoming election.

Too bad the sophomoric behavior of too many buried any chance of discussion under a mountain of cuss words.