Virginia, we are told, is for lovers.

New signs at entrances to the Old Dominion have scrapped the timeworn Cardinals and Dogwoods for the slogan: “Virginia is for lovers.”

Really?  All lovers?  Or just certain ones?

It took a Supreme Court decision to force Virginia to recognize the right of gay lovers to marry.

Not that long ago, Virginia outlawed interracial couples. So those of different colors could not mix and love.

Virginia still have ultra-restrictive laws on the books about certain sexual acts.

Are you a lover who loves oral sex?  Be careful.  It’s not legal in Virginia, not even for married couples.

Virginia, of course, frowns on those who love intimately if they are not married.  There are some laws still on the books that keep unmarried couples from living together and certainly now sharing a bed together for activities other than sleeping.

The Commonwealth usually uses its strict laws on certain sexual activities to try and control homosexual behavior and/or sex involving minors.  Virginia defines sodomy as either oral or anal sex or both.

So, is Virginia really for lovers?

That depends on who you love and in what ways you love them.