Windfall was known as Brother Wind when I first filmed them together on the Floyd Country Courthouse lawn during one of the early “Spring Into Summer” events about a decade ago.

The name change may have come because Kari Kovick joined the group with her lilting voice. Windfall, with Dave Fason, Michael and Kari Kovick and Rusty May with a musical mix of traditional favorites and original ballads.

They’ve appeared throughout the area over the years and have CDs.  They were featured on The Floyd Radio Show and Michael has been an activist involved in keeping the uraniaum mining ban in place and in the successful fight to keep a proposed natural gas pipeline out of Floyd County.  The group played “Common Ground,” his composition illustrating the need to protect our environments.

I’ve always enjoyed the group and captured many of their moments on stage in photos and video.

Mike Kovick brought his fiddle and joined with guitarist Bernie Coveney to play in my hospital room during my fight to survive a near-fatal motorcycle accident in 2012. Kari and the group brought tears to my eyes in 2013 at Oak Grove when she dedicated an incredible rendition of Allison Krause’s “The Lucky One” (written by Robert Lee Castleman).

They have pursued individual music activities more in recent months but were at Oak Grove Saturday night for what has become an annual tradition.

It was a great show. And, yes, I started crying again when they played “The Lucky One.” The song now means a lot and they are the reason why.