The Blue Eyed Bettys on stage at The Floyd Country Store.
The Blue Eyed Bettys — Ben Mackel (left), Sarah Hund & Daliel Emond — on stage at The Floyd Country Store.

They are called “The Blue Eyed Betty’s” and their song list is eclectic and entertaining.

The Betty’s — Ben Meckel on guitar, Sarah Hund on fiddle and Daniel Emond on banjo — returned to The Floyd Country Store’s Americana Afternoon Saturday with their mix of traditional, pop, country and original compositions on a daily mix of venues that included a morning radio show in Charlottesville, Floyd at noon and Raleigh Durham at night.

They met in Sarasota and relocated to New York City.  Shot video as well and will post some once editing is completed.

Sarah Hund
Sarah Hund