Deputy Sheriff Brian Craig, winning of the GOP nomination for Sheriff.

Deputy Sheriff Brian Craig, Republican candidate for Sheriff.

It’s Labor Day, a supposed holiday, except for those who work in retail in one of the busiest days of the year.

It’s Labor Day, the day when those who work in many jobs and professions must be on the job to make sure others can have the day off.

And it’s Labor Day, the holiday that once signaled the “start” of campaigns for the vote in November.

No more.  Presidential campaigns for 2016 are already underway with a multitude of wannabes trying to convince underwhelmed voters that they, and no one else, can lead a nation that many say is now beyond leadership.

And campaigning, even on the local level, starts earlier with each election cycle.

Jimmy Howery, the fired court bailiff and retired State Trooper who got mad at the retiring Floyd County Sheriff and decided to run for the job himself, started putting up his campaign signed about a month ago, giving him a head start to other candidates whose signs are now starting to appear.

Howery’s race for Sheriff is one of three to watch in the coming weeks.  Brian Craig is the Republican candidate seeking the spot left open by the retirement of Shannon Zeman. Craig won a tough primary against Christiansburg police officer Doug Weddle in the GOP primary.  On primary election night, Weddle announced he would back Craig but then went back on his word and said he is supporting Howery, a move that has angered many hardline GOP voters.  Floyd County has a long line of Republican sheriffs although one Democrat has served in the past

Ninth District Democrats gathered at the Floyd Eco-Center Sunday for to promote their candidates in that district.  Locally, the only Democrat running for Floyd’s County Board of Supervisors is Kerry Underwood for Burks’s Fork while the slate for the board and county wide offices is dominated by Republicans, who usually win, and a few long-shot independents.

On the Board of Supervisors, Underwood is seeking to unseat Republican incumbent Joe Turman.  Independent candidate Michael Schumann is also running.  Linda DeVito Kuchenbuch is an independent running against Republican Eddie Worth to fill the seat left open by the retiring Virgel Allen.

Little River is a traditional Republican seat and the current Board of Supervisors is all Republican.  If Worth and Turman win in their contested elections, the board will remain controlled by the party of the elephant.