A parent cornered over lunch at The Floyd Country Store Wednesday and said he and other parents are wondering why Floyd County schools remain closed.

“They’re playing basketball games in the gym at night but the school remains closed during the day? What’s going on?”

In a word: Safety.

Schools in Floyd County remains closed for a 10th straight day Thursday because too many area roads remain snow covered, hindered by drifting snow and hazardous from slick conditions. That creates both liability and a serious safety issues when you try to travel those road in a school bus filled with students. With main roads clear, the schools can hold evening events but hazardous conditions on the county’s secondary roads remain a problem.

School buses don’t do well on slick roads.

With snow still falling during the nighttime areas in some parts of the county and winds blowing, snow drifts over roads and creates hazardous situations. Towing companies report a brisk business in rescuing cars from slick roads and snowbound ditches.

It’s still dangerous out there and the school system is wise to keep schools closed until the roads are safe. Snow drifts continue to block parts of Sandy Flats and Harvestwood roads near our home. If Amy and I had kids in school we would not want them traveling those roads in a school bus.