A father brings his son to visit the boy’s grandfather’s name on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washingotn. (All photos and the video below by Doug Thompson)



A young girl places a wreath on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in the Washington Mall.Today, Veterans Day 2015, arrives with thousands of veterans still homeless, with too many suffering from the effects of military service and battle fatigue and with dealing with a nation that appears to want to forget their ultimate sacrifice to their country.

Veterans Day should be a year-round time to recognize those who have given so much and received so little. They wait for endless periods for needed treatment from a Veterans Affairs that failed to meet previously established goals for ending homelessness among our vets or overcoming backlogs of disability claims.

Today, military personnel — including those who serve in National Guard and Reserve units == serve multiple deployments in America’s wars in distant locations with even more distant reasons. They come home with battle scars, broken homes and lost jobs.

Yes, we celebrate on this day, but even that celebration is also littered with holiday “sales” as stores try to cash in and many places do not even close to honor the day that is supposed to be set aside for those who serve their country.

Today, some will be told “thank you for your service.” Is that enough? Will you thank them tomorrow, or next week, or next month? Will Congress put aside its gridlock partisanship and decide to get together to both honor and help our veterans?

Sadly, no.