Looking at the stars without the obstruction of leaves.

We’ve had a few clear nights in this autumn as we approach Thanksgiving next week followed by the the glut of the Christmas season.

It’s hard to see the night sky clearly with all the distractions of lights from the ground. We, thankfully, have more than a few places in Floyd County where no lights interfere with the sight of a starlit night.

Weather forecasters tell us a soaking rains move in Wednesday, moving us closer to a record autumn for rainfall. Of course, the flooding storms earlier in this fall season gave that a boost.

Why this rambling about nature and a starlit night? Oh, maybe it’s a reaction to the glut of politicizing of the tragedy in Paris last Friday night or the usual tirades against whether or not “Christ” is not used enough in “Christmas” or maybe its just plain weariness.

We have a lot of things to be grateful in our world today but few seem to have time to recognize that. Too many agendas at play, too much anger, too much hate and too much need to complain.

Such drives some of us into the woods on a dark, cloudless night to look up at the stars and say “thanks” for what we have and the good fortune to be alive.

Happy Thanksgiving next week and Merry Christmas in the weeks that follow.