Clouds, some sun in this photo shot a few years ago on Harvestwood Road in Floyd County.

Clouds, morning some sun in this photo shot a few years ago in Floyd County.

Sunny Saturday with temperatures up to 50 or so:  Not bad for November.

Chicago is reeling under the heaviest November snowfall in years.  Amy, on her Saturday night bingo excursion said her “black ice” warning appeared on the dashboard of her Mini.  The warning comes on with temperature and humidity reach certain levels.  Thankfully, she didn’t encounter of the slick stuff on the way to Christiansburg and back.

The temperature readout at 6 a.m. was 36 degrees but with wind the chill is about 26 says the weather readout on our computer.  The National Weather Service in Blacksburg forecasts 39 as the high.

No rain in the forecast for the next three or four days with highs in the low 40s on Monday, high 40s on Tuesday and Wednesday and a downright balmy 55 by Thursday.

Snow? Looks like less than an inch on Dec. 1, possibly a little more the following day.  November will go out with a cool high of 37 on the 30th.

And it will be cold for the next three nights with a 22-degree low overnight Sunday, 28 overnight Monday and 29 on Tuesday.

Then a slight warming trend to a high of Friday with the overnight low of 47.  Then it cools off next week with three nights of lows in the 20s.

But, after all, it’s almost winter.