If you buy into the propaganda surrounding the new law suspending Appalachian Election Power’s (AEP) latest rate increase then your momma failed to drown the dumb ones.

The bill, signed into law by Gov. Bob McDonnell with lots of fanfare Wednesday, suspends AEP’s latest highway-robbery rate increase until state regulators can approve it later this year but fails to provide any relief to cash-strapped households who can’t pay the outrageous bills sent out by the robber-baron utility for December and January.

AEP’s lobbyists, which finance the elections of people like McDonnell and the General Assembly shysters who foisted this con on the public, made sure that the company didn’t have to refund the increase they put into place late last year even though the state had not yet approved the increase.

Although the new law says AEP can’t impose future rate increases until they actually get approval, it also allows the utility to keep money from the recent increases even if the state rolls it back in July.

That’s what happens when you have a state government owned by special interest groups like AEP.

Our state legislators would like us to believe they passed this bill for “the people,” but that’s a damn lie. They passed it as a public relations ploy after cutting a back room deal with AEP to make sure they kept the money they have already stolen from customers and assuring the company they will get whatever they want in the future.

It’s a sellout by the crooks, liars and con-artists who occupy the General Assembly of Virginia.

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