If I am fortunate this weekend, the rain will let up by Sunday and with temperatures slated for the 70s, I will be enjoying Christmas on one of my Harleys.

I get asked more and more if I should still be riding at age 68.  Why not?  I have a riding friend down on the other side of Roanoke who is 80 and still on the road on his Harley.  Malcolm Forbes rode his Harleys up until his death at 70 and it was not his motorcycle that brought an end to his life.

At 68, with more than a few times that I have come close to death on my resume of life, I greet each day with a “thank you for being alive” proclamation and try to live each as if it might, and could be, my last.  Life is a previous gift but it is one with knowledge that it could, and will, end some day.

God has given me a good life and has granted me more than one stay on executions over the years.  I am not sure why or how I earned those reprieves but I am grateful for the second chances.

Pastor, formal chief investigator for the Sheriff’s Department and fellow rider, told me after my latest brush with death that “God protects sinners and troublemakers.”  He must.

Amy and I face the future with optimism and thanks for another year on this rock called Earth.  Our love for each other makes each and every day special and we cherish them.

A day Sunday with sunshine, temperature in the 70s and an open road with a motorcycle is a fantastic Christmas gift for this weekend.  It is one that I hope to enjoy in the fullest.

Merry Christmas from Amy, myself and Blue Ridge Muse. See you on the open road.