A familiar site along the street in Hillsville on Gun Show and Flea Market weekend.

A familiar site along the street in Hillsville on Gun Show and Flea Market weekend.
Photo by Doug Thompson

President Barack Obama is issuing a set of “executive orders” aimed at forcing many individual sellers at gun shows and the like to be licensed and put their buyers through a criminal gun check system.

And Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe unilaterally canceled carry reciprocal agreements between the Old Dominion and 30 states.

Yep, the political types are up in arms over, well, arms.

As a gun owner, I have mixed emotions about the attempts to control who can obtain firearms in America, a nation documented as the place where more people own more guns than anywhere else in the world.

I welcome increasing criminal record checks on those who try to buy guns, even if they are buying then at a gun show from an individual who is not an actual retailer of armaments.

Crime statistics show an overwhelming number of guns brought that way end up used in crimes against law abiding systems.

As for McAuliffe’s political stunt on reciprocal agreements, it will most likely end up overturned by the GOP-controlled General Assembly with new legislation that will go around the governor’s plan.

I was surprised that the 30 states involved did not have laws as strict as Virginia when it came to who could carry a concealed weapon.  Virginia is normally considered one of the lax states when it comes to allowing someone to pack heat but it turns out that some states allow domestic abusers, stalkers and such to carry,

In my opinion, and it is only one man’s belief, I don’t think someone who has battered a spouse, abused a child or stalked someone should have the right to even own, but less carry, a weapon.  I see too many cases involving such abuse in Floyd County Circuit Court each week.

Frankly, it doesn’t bother me if I can’t carry a concealed weapon into North Carolina.  I only carry on specific occasions and it is useless,, for example, to carry along my Glock when riding my Harley up to Rolling Thunder in Washington, DC, each Memorial Day.  We stage that event in the parking lot of the Pentagon where carrying a gun is a federal offense.

I don’t share the belief that gun ownership is a right.  It is a privilege controlled by law, which is the way it should be.

Obama will be challenged on his latest use of “executive orders” to impose restrictions on the ownership of guns.  The future of what he will do this year can be overturned in just a year, depending on what happens in the Presidential election in November.

In the end, it doesn’t matter.  Guns are a permanent part of America’s society.  For the most part, they always have been.  The loud screeches the National Rifle Association that guns will be taken away from Americans is just scare to help fundraising, nothing more.

In America, we live by the gun.  Sadly, too many Americans also die by the gun.  That is a fact that no amount of political maneuvering can change.