Snow falling along Virginia Route 8 Thursday afternoon.

Snow falling along Virginia Route 8 at a 2013 storm.

As Willie Nelson said, it’s a little old-fashioned karma coming ’round.

The National Weather Service now says 8-12 inches of snow “minimum” expected in a storm that will start Thursday night and extend into Saturday.

More snow than 12 inches?  Not just possible the weather gurus say.  More like “probable.”

A winter snow storm “preview” is in effect for Wednesday evening, bringing some snow but it will just be a small sample of what’s to come, starting Thursday night.

Wednesday’s basketball homecoming game at Floyd County High School is off, postponed until a later date.  Same for the weekend homecoming dance.  You can’t have a dance to honor a homecoming that isn’t.

Long lines at the grocery stores, more jugs of antifreeze flowing off the shelves at auto parts stores, sales of shovels and kitty litter for traction in the snow.

Best advice for Friday?  Stay in, stay warm and stay safe.


A coming sign of the times.