Deja vu all over again?

Amy’s Jeep Liberty sits mired in snow near the top of our driveway, perilously close to plunging¬† into the ravine that drops down into the woods off one side.

Not sure how she got into that predicament. Even less sure how I’m going to get the SUV out. To tow it with the winch on my Wrangler I need to be at the top of the driveway and the front end of the Liberty blocks the way.

A previous owner of our home, I’m told, totaled his Ford Explorer when he slid off the driveway and rolled into the woods that now threaten to swallow Amy’s car.

All this the day after I made it to the top of the driveway Monday for the first time in 22 days. That, of course, was before about four inches of snow fell on our hilltop and added just enough slickness and problems to the snow and ice that still haven’t melted from the storm three weeks ago.

The talking heads on the tube said we wouldn’t get all this snow. “Little or no accumulation,” they said.

Yeah, right.

Floyd County schools closed again today.¬† Too much snow still on the road from the “little or no accumulation.”

Another inch and half fell overnight, so I don’t know what daylight will bring.

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