Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

Virgil Goode and George Allen may be distant, bitter memories in the minds of most progressive Virginians but Ken Cuccinelli, the Commonwealth’s homophobic attorney general, stepped up late last week to remind us that cretins still exist in our government.

Cucinelli sent out a letter to state colleges and universities telling them to ignore discrimination against gays and treat them as lepers.

Cuccinelli claims the schools don’t have the authority to include gays in their non-discrimination policies, saying the Virginia General Assembly hasn’t passed any laws to make gays a “protected class.”

In other words, ignore common decency unless the doddering mental midgets in Richmond tell you not to.

Not surprising that such a directive should come from Cuccinelli, whose right-wing actions proclivities went largely ignored when Virginia voters, angry at President Barack Obama and Democrats, put him and his GOP pals into office.

In his letter to the colleges and universities, Cuccinelli claimed:

Several inquiries recently have been made regarding the authority of public colleges and universities to approve inclusion of “sexual orientation,” gender identity,” “gender expression,” or like classifications in the non-discrimination policies of the respective institution.

Cuccinelli is a liar. Richmond insiders tell us no such inquiries exist. The AG has planned, from the beginning, to go after gays and his missive is just an opening salvo in his campaign to drive Virginia back into the stone age of intolerance.

Virginia remains one of the few states that keeps archaic anti-gay laws on the books, including a legal ban on oral sex, even between man and wife.

Cuccinelli went so far in his homophobic tirade that even new Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell moved quickly to distance himself…sort of.  The governor’s spokesman, Tucker Martin, said Saturday that no action would be taken against any college or university that tells Cuccinelli to go to hell and ignores his screed.

Said Martin:

The governor expects that no Virginia college or university, or any other state agency, will engage in discrimination of any kind.  The governor will not tolerate discrimination in the Administration and his official written employment policy for the office of the governor expressly forbids discrimination on any basis other than qualification and merit.

McDonnell, however, is not as enlightened as propaganda merchant Tucker would have us believe.  Earlier this year, he signed an executive order barring discrimination for sex, religion or age but did not include sexual orientation. McDonnell has yet to support, in the General Assembly, a single bill banning discrimination against gays.

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