Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli: The Commonwealth's all-too-real April Fool's joke.

The problem with doing an April Fool’s joke on Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is that it’s impossible to come up with anything fictitious that is more outrageous than what he will do in real life.

The AG whose antics have gone so far off the reservation that even uber-right-wing Gov. Bob McDonnell has had to slap him down is so much of a national joke is that any April Fool’s story about him could easily become true.

Which presents a real problem for those trying to use him as the butt of an April Fool’s day prank.

But that didn’t stop the creative folks at Richmond.Com from trying.

As the web site reported today:

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is filing suit against the federal government, charging that the United States Post Office is unconstitutional.

According to Cuccinelli, the federal government is infringing on state’s rights and has no “legal basis for mandating the distribution of mail in the Commonwealth.”

In a rare and historic move, the White House has met the charge head on, issuing a statement that read, “That’s it, we’re done. Virginia is out of the Union.”

According to Washington insiders, the federal government is “fed up” with Virginia, telling reporters that this latest law suit is the final straw.

The story quotes White House spokesman “April Foole” and also Cucinelli as saying the story wasn’t that good of an April Fool’s joke.

What Cucinelli fails to understand is that he, himself, is an April Fool’s joke on the hapless voters of Virginia who put him into office where he continues to make a fool of the Commonwealth.

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