With temperatures headed into the 50s today, the up and down range of warm and not-so-warm weather continues as the already volatile year called 2016 wanders, sometimes aimlessly, towards a close.

We face three sunny days until a rainy Christmas Eve Saturday and then 50s and cloudy on Christmas and then a reasonably pleasant final week of the year until a little colder and a chance of snow showers on New Year’s Eve.

Even Mother Nature is not sure how to end a year that has left many of us baffled, bemused and bewildered.

What will 2017 bring?

Damn good question.  For those of us engaged in the coverage of news, it will be more of a challenge with a new President who doesn’t care for accuracy or facts, a public that prefers gossip in Social Media to objective news reporting and a proliferation of phony news outlets that seeks to control public opinion with propaganda and outright lies.

Which is a roundabout way to announce a new web operation: American NewsREAL, a media site aimed at exposing ‘fake news,’ identifying those who create and spread false information and correcting the misinformation.

While I will own AmericanNewsREAL, the efforts and success of the site depends on a list of more than 25 reporters, editors and news gatherers around the country who will, we hope, become a source where misinformation can be quickly identified and stopped.

We saw “fake news” all around us this past year and close to home when a North Carolina man loaded up his AR-15 assault rifle, pistol and a knife to drive to Washington, DC, to terrorize customers and staff at a family pizza restaurant because he believed phony reports that it was a front for a pedophile ring with ties to one of the Presidential campaigns.

Users of Facebook daily see fake ads on their pages reporting deaths of celebrities who are still alive and well and claiming the incoming First Lady is divorcing the President-elect.

Correcting fake news and replacing fantasy and fact is the goal of American NewsREAL.

The news web site goes live on January 1, 2017.