Spare tires used to be an integral part of cars.

No more.

Now the American Automobile Association published a seven page list of new automobiles that do not come with a spare tire.  They have a sealant/inflator kit that pumps sticky stuff into the tire to, hopefully, temporarily seal the hole in a flat tire to give the driver time to take the vehicle to a shop for a more permanent fix.

Tire dealers, as a rule, hat sealant kits.  They leave the inside of tires and rims gummed up and require cleaning.,  Newer kits claim they are toxic free and do not mess with tire monitoring systems that let drivers know if tire pressure is down.

“Run-flat” tires replace spares on several brands of cars.  Any’s Mini Cooper came with “run-flat” Dunlops, which had constant tire pressure monitoring problems,, made a lot of noise, and — like the Dunlops on my motorcycles — wear out fast.

We replaced the run-flats with more “normal” (and less expensive) tires.  A sealant/inflator kit will sit in the trunk to fix any flats, if they happen.

Trusty spare tires, however, remain on our two Jeeps (a Wrangler and Liberty) — well worn but reliable machines that have lots of miles and memories on them and will, we hope, continue to serve us for the rest of our lives.

The new Jeep Cherokees, however, do not come with spare. An inflator/sealant kit is provided instead.

Oh, well.  I ride motorcycles that don’t have spare tires.