Fights and disturbances broke out in shopping malls around America on the day after Christmas Monday.

In Chicago, police report 61 people shot with 11 killed in various incidents in the city over the holiday weekend.

Here in Floyd County, a local minister took to Facebook to warn all of us that a “second coming” is just around the corner and we sinners had better get our affairs in order.

Reports The New York Times:

Chaos struck at least 15 malls across the country on Monday as fights broke out and false reports of gunfire spread rapidly on social media.

The disturbances — many caused by feuding teenagers, according to local authorities — disrupted post-Christmas shopping in cities in at least a dozen states.

So much for the Christmas spirit.

Oh, I forgot.  Christmas was Sunday.

Time to return to our hateful, angry and violent ways.

Probably wasn’t much of a Christmas for those whose lost friends or relatives in the violence in Chicago.