An email Monday asked if I wanted to share any of my New Year’s Resolutions.

It was only then, the day after New Year’s, that I realized I hadn’t gotten around to even thinking about resolutions for 2017.

New Year’s Eve was a long night that started shooting photos and video of a end-of-the-year dinner and dance at the Floyd Country Store and ended after the sun came up on the first day of the New Year after working through the evening and past midnight working on getting a new web site on exposing fake news up and running.

Amy stuck her head in the door of my studio as the clock struck midnight and the ball was falling in Times Square in New York City to wish me “Happy New Year” and then left me alone to work through the first 14 hours of 2017.

Maybe, somebody suggested, I should make a New Year’s Resolution to take it easy.  After all, I’m 69 now and slowed, somewhat, by age and recovery from that damn motorcycle accident in November of 2012 that doctors say should have killed me.

Amy says I used my all of my nine lives long ago and am not on my 18th or 19th extension of time on this earth.

If anything, I resolve to just keep on doing what I’m doing because I love it.  We have a good life, good friends and better health than either of us deserves.  In so many ways, I’m the luckiest man alive because (1) I am alive, (2) live with a loving wife who is also my best friend and (3) am fortunate enough to have a reasonable collection of supportive friends.

This morning’s schedule includes covering Circuit Court in Floyd for The Floyd Press and a trip down to Roanoke for the January meeting of the Roanoke Valley Harley Owners Group.  As I write this story, I have been up for several hours editing our political news web site, writing a story for the new site exposing fake news and writing this piece on Blue Ridge Muse.

Wednesday brings photo coverage of a Floyd County High School Lady Buffaloes match against Auburn and boys play Radford at the FCHS gym on Thursday.

Friday is, of course, the Jamboree and more chances to archive the music scene that helps define the unique heritage of our area.  Saturday means shooting the Floyd Radio Show at the Country Store.

Resolutions?  We don’t need no stinking resolutions.