Conditions of the second snowfall of 2017 depended on where you live and/or work on this cold Monday morning.

Some parts of Floyd County got about an inch while others saw greater accumulations, accompanied by blustery winds of 15 miles per hour or so with cloudy conditions and a few minor snow showers.

Floyd County’s school system closed Monday as western and northern parts of the county received heavier snowfalls than some other regions and the sub-freezing temperatures turned wet roads into ice.

Montgomery, Carroll and Patrick County schools also closed Monday while Franklin and Roanoke County and city put in a two-hour delay.

The clouds, however, are expected to be gone by 3 p.m. while the temperature remains below freezing with a low of around 24 overnight Monday and then a high of 53 — yes, 53 — on Tuesday and arrival of February Wednesday with a high of 49.

Overnight lows are expected to over around freezing Tuesday and Wednesday before heading South Thursday night to 25 and then 20 overnight on Friday.

Current forecasts call for a “wintry mix” on Sunday and possibly on Tuesday of next week.

After the bump up to the 50s on this Tuesday, the highs were stay in the upper 30s and lower 40s for the the first half of February.

In other words, cooler and cold but not arctic conditions so far in a winter that has been a little warmer than normal and not bitter — at least not yet.