Aftermath of wind Tuesday afternoon.

For the second year in a row, gusting winds near our home snapped a large tree off about halfway up its height and sent the top crashing down.

The latest occurred around 4 p.m. Tuesday where our driveway takes a sharp turn at the top of its length and the cascading stalk and branches managed to avoid hitting either of the two cars, a trailer, a tractor or two sheds and the propane tank at the top.

It did leave a mess to clean up but no damage to any property and it did not hit our house.

Last February, an even larger tree broke in half on the other side of our house and fell, thankfully, away from the structure.  I was away on assignment but Amy thought something large actually hit the house because she heard the snap of the tree and the crash of it coming down as it shook the building.

Two years in a row.  Two large times of high winds.  Two large trees downed with both snapping in half. Too much.

Managed to miss things.