Cold and windy this morning with possible snow showers..

The National Weather Service for Blacksburg/Roanoke originally forecast an ultra-frigid Thursday with a high of 18 or so with overnight lows down close to zero.

But the thermometer showed 32 on our back porch at 7 a.m. and while it will drop some along with blustery wind, it is now not expected to go much lower during the daylight hours and should hover around the freezing mark until late afternoon when it starts a downward trend into the high teens overnight before climbing back up into the 40s by Friday afternoon, then 61 on Saturday and 68 on Sunday.

Snow showers are possible starting around 7 p.m. but the warmer ground from pleasant temperatures in the past days leaves little chance for accumulation.

Our biggest problem Thursday is wind, averaging in the 28 miles-per-hour range Thursday with gusts up to 55 or so until the high wind warning from the weather service expires at midnight.  A downed tree blocked U.S. 221 at the entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway north of Copper Hill and another downed tree is reported at milepost 134 on the parkway.  Some power outages were reported Thursday morning.

The projected low of 16 or so tonight will be higher on Thursday with the thermometer staying above freezing at 36 overnight Friday night to Saturday morning and then an incredible high (for the season) of 50 Saturday night and into Sunday.

Floyd County and Southwestern Virginia is lucky.  Snow is blanketing the upper midwest in Iowa, Illinois from just south of Chicago down to St. Louis, most of Indiana and the Northern half of Ohio.

For Kentucky, the precipitation of mostly — the same for West Virginia south of Charleston and the extreme edge of Southwestern Virginia.

In Floyd, along with the New River and Roanoke valleys, the gusting winds could cause power outages, fallen branches and downed trees.

Let’s be careful out there.