Skyline National Bank is now the new name of the merged Bank of Floyd and Grayson National Bank, which combined forces last year.

Employees of both banks learned of the new moniker Thursday night at a dinner in Wytheville.

Letters went out Friday to customers and shareholders of the new entity.  Promotional materials should appear by the beginning of both banks and branches next week.

At announcement of the merger of Bank of Floyd and Grayson National more than a year ago, officers of both banks promised a new name that would not give priority to the location of either entity but would embrace the area.

The Skyline Drive begins at the northern tip of The Blue Ridge Parkway, which passes through Floyd, Carroll and Grayson Counties on its way to North  Carolina on its southern link to the entrance of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Bank of Floyd became a national bank when the merger went into effect on July 1 of last year and “officially” became a “division of Grayson National Bank.”

The Bank of Floyd became an established financial institution on January 1, 1951 and changed its name to just “Bank of Floyd” in 1995.

Customers can still use Bank of Floyd checks and deposit slips.  Credit and debit cards in the name of Bank of Floyd will continue to work. The routing number of Bank of Floyd still works and, we are told, account numbers will not change.