The moon hanging over the sky in Floyd County, Virginia on March 11, 2017. Shot on a Canon EOSD-X with a 400mm telephoto Canon lens.  Shot at 400 ISO at F/4 at 1/2500 of a second.

An incredible moon hanging in the nighttime sky early this Saturday morning as the thermometer read a cold 24 degrees.

The high Saturday may hit 38.

Then back down below freezing Saturday night and nighttime lows will stay in the 20s and teens through the week with a forecast of snow — yes, snow — on Monday.

Of course, the forecast could change, as it has several times over the past few days.  An earlier forecast called for snow Saturday night into Sunday but snow is not part of the weekend plans and there is a full moon hanging outside in the early morning sky this morning.

Plus we all lose an hour of sleep tonight as Daylight Savings Time kicks in at 0200 Sunday morning.

Current forecasts by the National Weather Service calls for a cold through Thursday before hights climb back into the mid-40s on Friday, 51 on Saturday and 60 on Sunday, March 20 and then back into the 50s with cool, but not freezing nights.

Remember to set your clocks forward when you go to bed tonight.