The cool of winter just keep hanging in there.

So much for Friday’s forecast being even close to accurate.

The National Weather Service in Blacksburg claimed the temperature might touch 50 by Friday afternoon.  Instead, it might have made it to the low 40s in some areas in many areas as cooler air dominated and clouds covered the sky for the day with only brief periods of sun.

Some reports of freezing rain and sleet Friday evening along Franklin Pike and Shooting Creek and more in the Copper Hill area.

NWS called it an “unstable airmass.”  Some called it a very brief “wintry event.” Others just called it a hell of a lot colder than forecast.

Some power outages reported in Floyd County.

Saturday’s outlook calls for a high of 58 after this morning’s 43 degrees.

They also still claim Monday, the first day of Spring, will be in the 60s and sunny.

Will these predictions be correct?

We shall see.