Ah, Springtime in the mountains.

Sun, rain and growing grass. Get your lawn mowers ready.  The National Weather Service says higher temperatures, along with some rain, will hit our areas for the remainder of this weekend and through the coming week.

The temperature on our back porch reported 51 degrees at o500 on this Saturday with a projected high of 69 — and possibly the low 70s — with partly cloudy weather.  I expect it to be even warmer for a planned trip to Roanoke for scheduled activities.

Then light moves into the area late this evening and through Sunday with the temperatures in the 60s for the day and an overnight low of 52.

Back to the high 60s and low 70s on Monday and Tuesday with lows in the 50s before a relative dry Wednesday with the thermometer expecting to hit 70 a low in the high 40s.

The last two days of March is forecast to see highs in the upper 50s before returning to the high 60s a week from now and April opening with highs in the 60s and lows nowhere near freezing.

That, of course, means growing grass (and weeds) and beginning the annual battle to keep lawns under control.

Lawn mower engines don’t care much for ethanol-based gas and we find that regular gas without the watery additive appears to works better.

The calendar says it really is supposed to be Spring out there and it looks like Mother nature is ready to agree.

Some sun, some rain and growing grass.