Seventeen years ago today, I got a fresh cup of coffee from the kitchen, wandered into the den of our condo in Arlington, Virginia, and logged onto my email to find that our Internet service provider — PSI.Net — was offering five megabytes of free space to set up a personal web page.

Not being one to waste a freebie, I wrote a 500-word essay about the state of things in Washington, titled it “Capitol Hill Blue,” and posted it to the web.

That’s how this whole thing started on October 1, 1994.

PSI.Net is long gone. So are a lot of things that made the Internet such a wild frontier back on those days.  The only other site offering political news on the web on October 1, 1994, was Nando.Net, a production of the Raleigh, NC, News & Observer. Nando.Net is gone too.  Capitol Hill Blue survives today as the longest-running political news site on the World Wide Web.

So it’s our birthday.

Happy Birthday to us.