President Barack Obama

Republican filibusterers in the Democratic-controlled Senate doen’t care much for President Barack Obama‘s jobs bill. They proved that by blocking floor debate on the bill Tuesday.

A new poll, however, shows Republicans are ignoring the will of the people, who approve of the President’s job plans by nearly a 2-1 margin.

The latest survey by NBC/Wall Street Journal shows 63 percent of those polled approved of Obama’s “Americans Jobs Act,” while 32 percent oppose it.

The American public apparently also likes Obama’s plan to repeal tax loopholes for the rich — something ardently opposed by Republicans who depend on the wealthy for contributions and support.

When asked if it was a good idea to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations, 64 percent said yes while just 30 percent said no.

Obama’s plan would cut payroll taxes, fund road construction and extend unemployment benefits.

Republicans don’t like things like that.

Emails from readers of Capitol Hill Blue also show widespread support for Obama’s jobs plan.

“At least he’s trying to put people back to work,” writes Sandra Shelton of Huntsville, Alabama. “What are the Republicans doing? Nothing!”

Jonathan Kingsley of Salina, Kansas, who calls himself a “life-long Republican,” says he is tired ot GOP posturing and stalling tactics on Capitol Hill.

“They need to work with the President on getting the economy kick-started,” Kingsley says. “There’s too much politics and too little action by Republicans on this important issue.”

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